One of the most fun way for fulfilling free time is undoubtedly gaming, in whose magical world of virtual characters, challenges, and adrenaline we can enter alone or in the company of friends. Until recently, mobile gaming meant having pocket consoles such as Game Boy, PSP, Nintendo DS, etc. However, that time has passed, and now most users have some mobile gaming console in their mobile phone. The mobile game industry is expanding and developing mostly thanks to applications, of which there are currently about two million, a third of which are mobile games. The platforms themselves, Apple and the Google Store, are trying to make their ecosystem enjoyable and up-to-date and making specific applications better positioned in the store. This, in turn, gives developers a better chance of reaching out and reaching users completely free of charge and helps users access relevant content.

Since gaming is a competitive industry and it is costly to reach new users, developers are approaching for the trend of licensing large brands in several ways. These are building games around the brand itself, such as Star Wars, Walking Dead, The Simpsons – games created based on the previous popularity of series or movies. Celebrities are used as ambassadors, which additionally attracts attention to the game and gains their fans.

When users have been playing a particular free game for a long time, there is a higher chance that they will convert to payers after a few months, so the developers want to keep them on the game for as long as possible. Therefore, the concept of Games as a service, i.e., retaining users by continually improving the game, is a significant trend that ensures its longevity. Let’s consider the data for the 20 most popular games in the world, where the average pay per paid player is around 100 dollars a year, and a large number of titles have millions of payers among users. It is clear why this trend is becoming more current among developers.


The effects of the sharp rise in the value of cryptocurrencies are being felt even today. One of the most significant advantages of these currencies is that participants in casino games can remain anonymous. Transactions are enabled through the public blockchain book. Because of the new casino games payment methods, the need to share personal data is eliminated, which reduces cyber hacker attacks. The fact that you can win in cryptocurrencies offers casino gamers a breath of fresh air. Payout percentages are higher in most cases because processing costs are kept to a minimum. Although it all comes with a certain dose of risk, casinos with cryptocurrencies will continue to flourish in the years to come.

Cloud gaming

New cloud services have the potential to change the gaming ecosystem completely. Game consumption is not expected to change significantly, but companies involved in game development, gaming hardware production, and game distribution will have to adapt to the new business model. Playing a PC or Console game on a mobile phone will affect the competitiveness of mobile games and significantly complicate game developers’ work focused on mobile platforms.  If you don’t need to download a game, but you can start playing it on any device right away, then the process of “discovering / searching” for games moves from closed platforms like the App Store to the entire web.


The thing that is already widely talked about is 5G gaming. With the advent of more serious gaming on phones, fast and stable connectivity has become imperative for an everyday gaming experience, and 5G is just the last link in the chain to solidify mobile gaming on the scene as a serious trend. We can expect that all major and significant operators will present their 5G networks through mobile gaming because the advantages are the most significant and most noticeable in gaming. These enhancements will allow smartphones to interact better and more efficiently with devices around us — turning phones into game consoles or meaningful computer accessories.

VR and AR

VR and AR play a significant role in the mobile gaming industry. In VR (virtual reality), the most important bearers of this trend are the new generations of mobile phones and their users, i.e., VR is experiencing expansion thanks to mobile devices’ growing popularity. That there is space for innovation and that there is room for new technologies, and that recent trends are being created is shown by AR (augmented reality). An example of this is Pokemon Go, a game that has become a planetary hit. Developers are increasingly entering this field because AR graphics should come to the fore, believing that today playing video games does not necessarily mean sitting in front of a computer. In the next year, we will surely expect a lot of AR games that will change gaming.

Face and voice recognition

The face recognition feature on phones can provide new levels of excitement in the game, because with this feature you can create an avatar like you. Voice recognition technology can become the next big thing in gaming. According to the mobile game market‘s analysis and trends in 2021, they predict that this will become a common feature of games, making gaming even more exciting and personalized.

All these mentioned trends are already being implemented or will be applied, speak in favor of an even greater and more significant expansion of mobile gaming platforms, which predicts that this industry has excellent growth potential.


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