Sexual Harassment

A study found 38% of women have been sexually harassed in the workplace. 

Workplace sexual harassment is a pressing issue, for not only women, but all individuals. It causes distrust, anxiety, and trauma for many employees. 

If you serve on the management team of a business, it’s crucial to require employee sexual harassment training. Your staff should know what it looks like and the steps to take if it happens. 

Are your staff members hesitant about this type of training? Below are 5 reasons to participate in sexual harassment training. It’s time to create a safer work environment. 

1. Accountability Is Encouraged

Reporting sexual harassment is scary for victims. They may feel isolated or like they won’t be believed. In fact, many victims in the past have not been believed when stepping forward. 

Sexual harassment training encourages accountability among the staff. After training, a witness will feel more comfortable confronting a predator or speaking with HR.

2. Staff Becomes Educated

It’s imperative your employees understand sexual harassment laws. Management should take the necessary steps to clarify what constitutes illegal sexual harassment. 

For example, not many employees know workplace sexual harassment doesn’t have to take place within the workplace or within working hours. Educating employees on these laws will empower them to report misconduct. 

3. Business Reputation Grows

Taking the time to define sexual harassment and educate your employees about the effects is uncomfortable for some staff members. However, not only does it make your workplace a safer environment, but it also increases your company’s reputation. 

Potential employees will feel proud knowing your company cares about such pressing issues. Make sure to follow through with any promises you make regarding taking action against predators. 

4. Victims Are Empowered

Speaking up is scary. Requiring training in sexual harassment and workplace diversity training  is the change your company needs to make in order to create an environment in which victims feel empowered.

When providing training, include information on how to report incidents. Train the management staff and HR on how to record and properly deal with reports. 

5. Less Turnover

When you create a safer, more knowledgeable environment, you experience less employee turnover. Employees will enjoy being part of supportive staff. 

Decreased turnover rates result in higher productivity, trust, and customer service. You’ll be able to see what a solid team looks like. 

Another great way to decrease turnout is by making yourself available for employee feedback. If an employee is unsatisfied with the current training, it’s important you allow room and consideration for their opinion. 

The Importance of Sexual Harassment Training 

If you’re the owner or manager of a business, no matter how big or small, employee sexual harassment training is a must. 

This type of training encourages a safer work environment while educating staff members on the definition of sexual harassment. It also empowers victims and builds company reputation. 

To make a positive change in your company, invest in sexual harassment training. There are a number of HR training courses, including a course on sexual harassment available online.