GSMFind is a website created by a group of technology enthusiasts aiming to provide an encyclopedic online resource with the most detailed and accurate specifications of smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. Currently, the GSMFind website has more than 10 thousand mobile devices and hundreds of brands from around the world. And GSMFind’s staff are always searching and adding new devices every day, every hour.

Each device on GSMFind is presented with very detailed information: a brief assessment of strengths and weaknesses; technical specifications; related images and videos. This helps users to have an accurate and complete view of the device they are looking for.

GSMFind focuses on finding the exact mobile device. Therefore, we offer dozens of search criteria for each type of mobile device such as phones, tablets, smart watches. Users can search by brand, year of manufacture, screen size, number of CPU cores, price, battery capacity … Besides the search function by criteria, GSMFind also provides a quick search function based solely on the device’s name. With the search results, we also provide many criteria for you to sort: by price, by resolution, by thickness, by year of manufacture, by camera … GSMFind meets all your search needs.

GSMFind has researched and launched the function of comparing mobile devices. This function can compare 5 devices at the same time. All operations of searching, adding or removing devices are extremely easy and convenient. Users can also share comparison results with friends by sending a link.

In addition, GSMFind also synthesizes and refines the terms commonly used in mobile devices. This is called the “Mobile Glossary“. This dictionary contains hundreds of terms and is constantly being added by us.

We have a lot of passion for mobile devices. From research, discovery helps us to have many new ideas. And we will try to realize these ideas on GSMFind.

At GSMFind, we believe that we are doing a good job educating & helping mobile user to select a good device according to his needs, while meeting his budget.