Android 12 features

This is auto-customization in its best form and we’ll definitely begin the review with the features. It’s not the only thing the good news – Google has incorporated other exciting features into the update too. Animations have been revamped to be more fluid, movement on the screen is more smooth and there’s a brand new Privacy Dashboard that shows indicators to show which apps are using cameras or microphones as well as the capability to share location information that is approximate with scrolling images, new widgets for conversations as well as that notification light has also been revamped which is a common occurrence now because it’s the case with each Android release. This time there’s a massive overhaul for the Quick Settings tiles to go with the new tiles.

Android 12 features are new at an overview:

  • Automated theming system based on the wallpaper you have chosen
  • The New Material You design language that is available across Google’s OS and Google apps.
  • A new widget picker is available within the Pixel Launcher, with new widgets for Google apps.
  • New Quick Settings with smart home integrated controls
  • New lock screen with a fresh design and Always-on Display design
  • Universal On-Phone Search within the drawer of apps
  • Simple link sharing via Recents
  • Extra Dim screen settings enhancements to picture-in-picture, and auto-rotate
  • Support for scrolling screen shots
  • The Power menu is updated, updated wizard for setting up, and a new emojis
  • Performance and fluidity improved.
  • The new Privacy Dashboard is now available, Camera and microphone usage indicators

It is important to note that all of the features we’re going over in this review are available on Pixels only. As always it’s the responsibility of other Android manufacturers to accept all of them or a subset (or anything else in between). We’re interested to see all the new features in the most recent release of Android’s OS however, we’re not sure what percentage of these features are going to be available for phones that aren’t manufactured by Google. This has been the case with Android update, so now we’re making this public for you to see so you don’t get skeptics.

As always, we anticipate Android skins that stick to the stock version to eventually include many of these features and the ones with a lot of features that diverge from the way Google is doing are not likely to include the user-facing features. The features under the hood will be available for everyone when Android 12 updates start rolling out in large.

The introduction is over We’d like to encourage you to follow us over the next couple of pages as we review everything newly introduced on the horizon in Android 12.