iphone 14 plus

It appears that it appears that the iPhone 14 Plus isn’t getting off to a good start as earlier reports suggested. And now the Information reports that Apple has stopped iPhone 14 Plus production and is reviewing the demand.

Sources from the supply chain The report claims Apple has contacted at the very least one iPhone assembly supplier to stop immediately iPhone 14 Plus production and has also reached out to two suppliers of components to reduce production by as much as 90 percent. The report also states there is a possibility that an iPhone supplier has been given instructions to boost production of component parts to meet the demands of iPhone 14 Pro as well as 14 Pro Max models.

There’s no official announcement from Apple regarding these changes, but we’re able to only guess iPhone buyers aren’t searching for a model that’s priced at $899.

At just $100 more for an iPhone 14 Pro and $200 more for the 14 Pro Max, the iPhone 14 Plus is in no man’s land. Despite the ongoing limbo surrounding the iPhone 14 Plus, The Information suggests Apple is still planning to announce an iPhone 15 Plus next year.