Google Photos App Malfunctioned With Magic Eraser Feature on Pixel 6 Series

According to numerous reports published online the most recent update to Google’s Google Photos app (version has malfunctioned with the magic eraser on Pixel 6 devices. This issue is present in a large number of Pixel 6 and 6 Pro owners, and there’s not a solution to fix it the moment. When you open an image and attempt to make use of the magic eraser feature on your phone, the app stops working and takes you back onto the main screen.

This is the latest update in an extensive list of issues and bugs related to problems with Pixel 6 line. We’ve had issues with connectivity to networks and an flawed November software upgrade and non-responsive fingerprint scanners, as well as other. There is no solution to the current issue with the magic eraser so if you’ve not recently updated your Photos application, we suggest to disable auto-updates and wait until Google releases the fix.