Google Pixel Watch

It seems that the Pixel Watch leaks campaign is at its peak in anticipation of its expected unveiling during Google I/O next month. We’ve seen an early device prototype “accidentally” “forgotten” in a restaurant, and in an box but with no charge. This was an extremely convenient way to present to the world the forthcoming hardware without revealing any aspect or software.

The watch was then approved by the Bluetooth SIG in three variants Today, we get a rumor that drips the next piece of information about the battery’s capacity. It’s expected up to 300mAh. Does that sound big? Is that even small?

Let’s look at it in context. This Pixel Watch that leaked in the restaurant is a 40mm-sized device, just like Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 which is a smaller 247mAh battery. However, it’s not clear which dimensions that the Pixel Watch will come in and, in the end that it’s two sizes similar to a number of other smartwatches (including the mentioned Samsung) and who can determine which model the leak’s capacity is applicable to.

However, it certainly appears to me like Google Pixel won’t have the most compact cell. This is logical considering that it’s quite a big beast with a thickness of around 14mm.

The only other information that this leak provides us we can confirm is it’s possible that the Pixel Watch will have cellular connectivity. It’s likely to be one of three models available that will become the priciest. We hope it’s not the one that has 300 mAh battery because that does not inspire us to think of great durability.