Improve Customer Experiences

Making sure your customers have a memorable and great experience with your bakery is integral to its success as a business. There are many ways to improve and ensure that your customers’ experiences with you are nothing less than impeccable. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Efficient Delivery System

Nowadays, delivery systems and click-and-collect are popular services to offer to your customers for the sake of their convenience . Often at a low cost to you (especially if you are using third party delivery services such as Uber Eats or DoorDash), you can provide your customers with a great experience by offering efficient delivery systems.

These delivery systems not only need to be far-reaching, but also timely and safe for customers to participate in. It is important to always have your baked goods delivered as soon as possible (or at a requested time by the customer) as well as right to your customers’ door step. An efficient delivery system will separate your bakery from the rest, as well as provide your customers with a great experience purchasing from you.

High Quality Menu Selection

Although having a high quality menu selection may seem like an obvious point, many bakery owners are often distracted by other aspects of business running to focus on the types of products their bakery actually sells. Not only do you need to make sure your baked good menu items are enjoyable for your customers, they also need to be of the highest quality so that your bakery can remain competitive amongst others in the industry.

It is always helpful to include something innovative or unique in your bakery menu, to attract patrons as well as make your store more memorable. For example, having gluten-free products or vegan-friendly products may help establish your bakery as a health-conscious one. On the other side, perhaps selling large portion-sized cookies may be another way to separate your bakery products from the rest. Be sure to consider what products will work for you and how they contribute to the overall high quality of your bakery’s menu.

Online Ordering Apps

Being able to order your baked goods online is another perk you may consider investing in for the sake of improving your customers’ experiences with your bakery. Similar to an efficient delivery system, having an online ordering application will make your customers’ lives much easier when working with you, as they can easily access your bakery’s menu and purchase what they would like with a few simple taps on your screen.

When investing in an online ordering application, you do not need to build your own app. Instead, you can work with third party platform providers such as Ordermentum to list your shop’s products onto the online applications so that you are able to sell your products online effectively. Be sure to research which online application service provider may be best suited for your bakery by considering factors such as the industries they cater to, what kind of individuals are surfin the app, and the online ordering features they contain.

Consider applying the above ways to help improve your customer experiences at your bakery!