sell books on amazon

You’ve probably come across a news article or a blog post about Amazon and its dominance in the online bookselling market. You’re not alone, because roughly 100 million (WikiLeaks) people around the world read books on Amazon every month! That’s why Amazon is one of the most popular eBook platforms among readers across the world. 

And since there are several millions of potential customers willing to pay $10 ( or even more for a book they would enjoy reading, it’s little wonder that many authors will have them published on Amazon.

Not only can you sell your books, but they are also easy to sell, and can help you build a consistent source of income.

How to Sell books on Amazon?

Selling books on Amazon can be done by anyone who has written a manuscript, regardless of the genre. But how could you start it successfully? Here are some steps for you.

Decide which books you want to sell

First, decide which books you want to sell on Amazon. It is better to start with books that are easy to find and in good condition. The book should be in good condition (no torn pages, pen marks, stains, etc.). You don’t want to make a poor impression on your sales. 

Also, it should have a high demand. You can use Google Trends to learn about the current demand for a book. Most people go for books that are not only interesting and exciting but can solve a problem in society‌.  

Books on relationships; Most people wants to experience love and get married or improve their relationship with their partner.

  • Books about finance and money. Everyone wants to make money.
  • Books on health and medical conditions
  • Books on ecommerce and marketing

The price for a brand new copy of the book should not be lower than $10. If the price is lower than this level, it makes little sense to sell it on Amazon.There is no more room for profit if you offer your book at a lower price.

Choose those books that have an average rating of 3 stars or higher on the Amazon website or come with great reviews. This way, you can guarantee that these books are of good quality and are worth selling on Amazon.

Find the books’ ISBNs and list prices.

Make sure the ISBNs are accurate and the prices listed are the same as on Amazon. If a book does not have an ISBN, you can use a 13-digit EAN. You can also search for books by title or author through and list the inventory by scanning a barcode. These books will be available for sale as soon as they’re confirmed in the Amazon’s system.You can also make an individual offer on any of these books and buy them outright, without waiting to find a buyer. 

The most important thing is to remember to check all your numbers when setting up a sale; don’t rely on the bookseller!.This is because the bookseller might have the spare time to catalogue your books as there are so many books to be sold.

Create an Amazon Seller Central account.

Using the Amazon platform to sell your books is one of the best decisions you can make as an author, freelancer, or digital marketer because creating a seller’s account on Amazon is pretty easy and free. However, there are some necessary steps you need to pay attention to choose the right marketplace.

  • Register as a professional or individual seller.
  • Select a selling plan.
  • Complete your legal and tax information.
  • Link your bank account with Amazon to get paid.
  • List your book on Amazon.
  • Ship your inventory to FBA or an Amazon fulfillment center.
  • Check your book categories and royalties.
  • Take a wonderful photo of the book cover.
  • List the books for sale with price and shipping details.
  • Show whether you’ll accept lower offers or bids.
  • Consider selling it as a bundle deal.

Create a product listing on Amazon’s catalog

To sell books on Amazon, you need to create a product listing for each book. In getting a hang of how to sell your books on Amazon as a newbie, the Amazon platform affords you a cataloging arrangement before it goes out on the market.

So how to create an attractive product listing in Amazon’s catalog, here are some tips you can learn from.

  • The title and subtitle of your book are the two most important factors for ranking in Amazon search results. If your book has a cover image, you can also upload it here.
  • You need to set the condition of your book, including whether you are offering a new or used copy of the book.
  • Then enter the ISBN, EAN, or UPC code for your product.
  • Next, choose a binding type and set your price.
  • Finally, select the major category and subcategories for your item.

Listing your products on Amazon would help buyers get more information about your product or book. This information is necessary for people if they want to purchase an item.  

Ship your books to Amazon Fulfillment Centers

The next thing is to ship your books to Amazon fulfillment centers. This process is necessary to determine your product’s route to reach your target audience. When you want to sell your books on Amazon, they have to look appealing.

  • Locate the website where you can enter your shipping information
  • Locate your books on the Amazon catalog and choose the condition, then create a shipping plan.
  • Sign up for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Print out your title barcode labels and write ‌your FBA Cell ID numbers
  • Package Your Books with Packing Tape
  • Prepare Your Orders For Shipping
  • Shipping to the Amazon Fulfillment Center
  • Pack and ship your boxes to an Amazon fulfillment center.

Rate the performance of your inserts (optional)

Find books at garage sales prices

  • Look for rare and valuable books in bargain shops.
  • Buy used textbooks at campus bookstores during the last two weeks of each semester.
  • Look for first editions and signed copies of books at library book sales.
  • Search online forums, message boards, and blogs to find information about the most sought-after books.
  • Use online tools to find out if a book is worth your time.
  • Looking for words that show a vintage cookbook is highly desirable.
  • Look for unusual and old cookbooks with lots of handwritten notes and dog-eared pages.

Pro Tips for how to sell your books on Amazon 

  • Choose a price point that isn’t too high or low
  • Zero out your book inventory every year
  • Monitor competitor prices
  • Offer discounts during slow periods of the year like the winter holidays
  • Keep track of your inventory and sales trends by using reports in Seller Central
  • Set up your Author Central page
  • Dropship books on Amazon( or other platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce)
  • Create social media accounts for your author’s business
  • Offer discounts during slow periods of the year like the winter holiday.
  • Set out book promotion to buyers: Who previously purchased from you but haven’t bought in a while. Book promotion ‌makes your book clicked by the target audience. It enhances the confidence of potential customers. It helps to share your knowledge with other people around the world. Many people ask how to sell books on Amazon, but after having gone through this guide, you will ‌sell your book successfully.


Amazon is an amazing platform for authors who need to promote their work and make money. Amazon has served a lot of authors and helped them build livelihoods. It has also shown its strength in making new authors popular by providing them with powerful tools to market their books. The platform designed in such a way that it provides excellent help to the authors to promote their book. You simply have to take help with these features and implement them in the right manner.

Selling books at Amazon can be extremely profitable for the Self Publisher. The biggest reasons for this are that books are in constant demand and there are decent numbers of book lovers out there who browse Amazon looking for new titles every day.

You might plan to start your online book selling business from the scratch, but ‌it isn’t a straightforward process. In fact, there are hundreds of online books sellers in the United States who abandon their businesses. But one thing is clear: if you are determined enough to make money with this business, then you will succeed in it.

Don’t let yourself down. Even if you have no experience selling products on Amazon, it is not set in stone that you will fail. Set aside five minutes each day and ‌search for information on the internet. When you feel as if you are ready, ‌sign up for an account on Amazon.