android 12 looks

Android 12 Theme Looks – Review

Themes have been a component of the majority of Android skins however, they've all followed the same formula which is "have a theme store, allow theme developers to post...
Galaxy A52 ram updates

Samsung Galaxy A52 update enables RAM Plus

Although RAM Plus was prominently featured in the One UI 4.0 changelog but it's not included in Samsung's Android 12 update package. Samsung offers it for various phones running Android 11, including...
Android 11 Beta to some Pixels

Google accidentally pushes Android 11 Beta to some Pixels despite delayed announcement

Android 11 Beta to some Pixels Google was initially planned to make a few declarations on June 3 that were waiting because of the dropping of...
Google Pixel

Google Pixel Phones Getting May 2020 Android Security Update

Google pixel  phones have began receiving the may 2020 android safety patch update. The update is rolling out for the pixel 4, pixel four xl, pixel 3a, pixel 3a...
the power button menu in Android 11

Google is expanding the power button menu in Android 11

power button menu in Android 11 Some android makers might  expand the power button menu, permitting you to quickly launch tasks  or the voice assistant in...

Settings and Routines Worth Changing on Your Android

There is much more to your Android smartphone than it meets the eye. Over the years, developers have made Android this sophisticated OS that works great with the latest...


Become an online shopping pro by following these incredible tips

You'd be surprised to know that around 25 to 30% of all shopping globally is done online...