messaging reaction whatsapp

Reactions on Whatsapp Message Start Rolling – Support six emojis

The messaging reactions feature introduced in the last month WhatsApp is now available to users. It functions in the same way as Facebook's reaction works - you can press long-press on an...
Popular Kids Songs of All The Time

List of the Top Popular Kids Songs of All The Time

Who doesn’t love listening to songs? The children are most attentive to tunes and sounds that are attractive to them and they can spend hours without lifting a hand...
twitter sold to elon musk

Twitter Sold To Elon Musk For $44 Billion

This week Elon Musk announced his bid to purchase Twitter and remove it from the market. At initially, it appeared that the company would respectfully (or not so politely) decline. But,...
whatsapp extension

WhatsApp launches new browser extension to make web Whatsapp more secure

After WhatsApp's development team added support for simultaneous multi-devices in its beta version the company also announced the launch of a browser extension. It's known as Code Verify and its...
Need A VPN For Your Phone

5 Reasons You Probably Need A VPN For Your Phone

VPNs are exploding in popularity as people all over the world realize their benefits. Something many don’t know is that mobile devices account for between 55% - 80% of...
buying a mobile phone in Pakistan

Things to check while buying a phone in Pakistan

A smartphone has become a necessity lately, and everyone wants to buy a superior phone to what their friends, relatives, or colleagues are buying. While you look for the...
Vacation Destinations for Entrepreneurs

Top 9 Vacation Destinations for Entrepreneurs

Most entrepreneurs retain a desire to make their time memorable via vacation. But their schedule is very busy, and it is quite hard for them to take out the...
earn using your Mobile Phone

5 Proven ways you can earn money using the Mobile Phone

When it comes to earning money online, you don’t have to limit your choices to just laptops or PCs. If you have a smartphone and a working internet connection,...
disable location tracking android

Why & How To Disable Location Tracking on Your Android Phone

Location tracking has made our lives easier, as we can find nearby restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and more. We can use Google Maps to plan a travel route, keep...
Best Smartphones to Gift in 2021

The 9 Best Smartphones to Gift in 2021

Purchasing a phone as a gift for someone you care for can be quite the challenge. These devices vary a great deal in terms of their capabilities and prices,...


Affordable 8″ Huawei MediaPad C3 leaks

Huawei MediaPad C3 A brand new entry-level tablet   from huawei has leaked in china complete with advertising...