Instagram adds new subscriber-exclusive Reels and posts for creators

Instagram’s Head Adam Mosseri posted an update on Twitter in which he revealed new features that will be available to Instagram creators that have subscriber fees. Instagram creators are able to sign up for the Subscribers program , where they are able to charge followers a monthly fee in order to access exclusive content via an Instagram application.

In the video that was posted on the Twitter account, Mosseri states that Subscribers will be able to host exclusive chats where can be part of and interact with their fans. The possibility of having up to 30 subscribers participate in the Subscriber chat.

Posts and reels can now be directly sent to subscribers. These posts will be branded with the Subscriber badge too. Additionally, creators of Subscriber content now be able to add an “Subscriber home” tab on their profile pages so that their subscribers can view exclusive content or join to become Subscribers.

Instagram Exclusive posts for subscribers, Reels and chats

In the month of January Instagram announced Subscriptions with Stories and Live videos that only paid subscribers have access to. In addition, those who engage with posts get a badge on their username.