Netflix are currently focusing its efforts on multiple accounts sharing passwords with one account, however only in certain markets. In its most recent financial report, which revealed the decline in paid subscribers and sent the stock plummeting around 35 percent, the company announced to pursue all its customers who are doing this. There’s plenty of them to be honest.

According to Netflix the company, more than 100 million households have passwords. This is untapped opportunities and the company claims they are the primary cause of the decrease this quarter in paid subscriptions. According to estimates, around 200, 000 users have quit the platform or chose to sign up for one of the password sharing accounts.

Of course, the practices of sharing passwords can be found in a range of. Some users use passwords only to watch Netflix on a regular basis, while others use Netflix frequently. That’s the reason why some accounts will not be monetized. However, the streaming service will be looking to snoop on accounts that consistently violate the rules of service.

It has been predicted that the platform could be able to lose around 2 million paid subscribers in the next quarter , but the number of subscribers is expected to increase during the second half of 2022.