new ipad and iPhone 13

Apple has decided to cut down the iPad production. 

Nikkei Asia has announced. 

Apple manufactures have been a prey to global supply chain limitations and the resources and components will be allocated to manufacturing the iPhone 13 production line to ensure that sales of the phone will not be affected.

The demand for iPads has been increasing each year because of remote working and education during the epidemic. 

Nikkei Asia quoted an 6.7 percent growth to 53.2 million tablets in the year before,

which is almost 33% of the tablet market worldwide. But, right now Apple is focusing its attention on iPhone 13 production because expectations will be higher in Western markets, such as Europe as well as the Americas.

iPhone 13 production

The iPhone 13 series have a common chip with iPad mini. 

iPad mini The A15 Bionic and the storage and RAM chips. 

Apple is aware that this could impact the iPad revenues in the period between October and December,

Apple New iPads and Order For iPhone 13 Production

However Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri said this is the only item in the portfolio that has seen an improvement.

Analysts aren’t shocked at the Apple’s choice. Brady Wang, a tech analyst at Counterpoint Research told Nikkei Asia that “it is natural” to consider the iPhone prioritised. 

Apple sells more than 200 million smartphones a year

and is at the core in the Apple ecosystem and is also the most recognizable product of the company. Additionally,

Cupertino is already well ahead of its competitors and therefore,

it is able to take a little reduction in tablet market share.