OPPO Pakistan Monday released its OPPO F21 Pro smartphone in Pakistan. The phone was unveiled at an event that was attended by celebrities in an in-house hotel in the city.

The Fantastic OPPO F21 Pro offers an amazing design and flagship camera system , paired with the first Sony IMX709 ultra-sensing, ultra-sensing in addition to the Microlens’ first and only feature that gives you a full-on photographic experience.

The phone comes with a tough fiber-glass back that is a stunning Sunset Orange color. The stunning flat-edged design has been meticulously designed to transport the phone into a stunning world. It is expected to be available on April 16th, 2022. OPPO F21 Pro will go for sale on Saturday, 16 April 2022, at 52,999 PKR.

It’s the Selfie Expert and Leader, OPPO launched its hero phone called it’s the OPPO F21 Pro in Lahore on Monday evening. The event was hosted by the famous host Ayesha Omar.

The gala was a glittering occasion attended by media personalities which included celebrities, socialites and bloggers. Mahira Khan, along with Fawad Khan, who were chosen as brand ambassadors for OPPO presented the phone in the first users of the OPPO F21 Pro, and they talked about how the phone reflects their lifestyle and personality, and how youngsters can experience the pleasure of using the phone.

In his remarks the Director of OPPO Pakistan Authorized Exclusive Distributor George Long. George Long, commented, “OPPO, the Selfie leader and expert is always creating waves in the world of smartphones with its latest technologies as well as product features and engaging campaigns. The brand new OPPO F21 Pro is a prominent smartphone with a broad audience. This is a wonderful phone for selfie-lovers and photo enthusiasts However, that’s not the only thing. It comes with other attributes that make it extremely robust, all wrapped in a stylish, retro leatherette with a sunset design. This year, we collaborated with the most adored duo of ‘Mahira’ Khan’ and “Fawad Khan” as the perfect match to create a product that reflects their style and personality in a way that is unlike any other.”

The OPPO F21 Pro promises to be able to see what’s not visible by using the microlens, the first-ever and sole Microlens that magnifies objects by 15 to 30 times. The result transcends macro photography, and dives into the world of microscopy. Skin, fabric, hair plants, hair, and even insects of all sizes change into a brand huge, brand new look thanks to Microlens. This allows users of the OPPO F21 Pro to explore an entirely new world by taking photos or video. Additionally to this, Orbit Light is a light source that Orbit Light surrounds the Microlens camera to act as a fill light which results in photos which are evenly illuminated and captivating.

OPPO has a knack for introducing smartphones equipped with advanced camera technologies, and has succeeded in setting the bar higher for improvements in selfie quality. The IMX709 camera, developed jointly by OPPO and Sony is able to deliver its front camera the very first dramatically improved and totally new features.

The Sony IMX709 camera is now inside the F21 Pro. If compared with standard RGB sensors the IMX709 is specifically designed RGBW (red blue and white, as well as green,) front-facing image sensor that will produce sharper and more evenly-exposed photos and videos. It’s 60 times better at detecting light, and lowers in noise 35% when compared to the prior RGGB sensor. Thanks to the F21’s Selfie HDR feature and the IMX709 sensor, you are able to get sharper, more bright, and natural-looking selfies in any dark or light conditions.

Shoot DSLR-grade Bokeh Flare Portrait photos and videos on OPPO Reno7 Pro  5G with the world-first exclusive Sony IMX709 selfie sensor and Sony's  flagship IMX766 sensor | OPPO India

Selfie HDR utilizes AI to determine the intensity of light and apply algorithms for image enhancement automatically based upon the type of light conditions that are identified.

For a completely new experience in photography, to experience a new level of photography, the OPPO F21 Pro is equipped with three rear cameras for video and photos. It features the primary lens, which has 64MP resolution and a microsensor of 2MP, and a depth camera with 2MP. It will also have 32-megapixel camera for video calls and selfies. The F21 Pro’s 64MP back camera, along with its high-resolution technology could produce images up to 108MP that allow users to capture more of the details of life in your photos. Oppo’s AI algorithms are employed to create Bokeh Flare Portrait in order to detect lighting sources in the background and generate areas of bokeh depending on their distance, as well as other aspects. Bokeh Flare Portrait gives photos with high saturation, more realistic bokeh effect as well as enhanced skin tones.

It is equipped with a 4500mAh battery that allows SUPERVOOC flash charging up to 33W. WiFi 5 USB Type-C connector, 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth v5.1 as well as various other options for connectivity are available in the device. Its F21 Pro has a unique storage configuration that includes 8GB RAM, 128GB internal storage, along with OPPO’s RAM Expansion technology that allows up to 5GB of RAM Expansion.

The first time that it’s been featured on the OPPO F Series, OPPO F21 Pro is carrying the ColorOS 12 which emphasizes diversity by introducing a brand new structure that is based on an international approach. Color OS 12’s layouts for pages and interfaces have been revamped to allow for more space. In the end, users’ interfaces are clean and clean, allowing you to focus on what is important the most.

OPPO has also investigated and modified the way text should be displayed in the new layout. It has also adapted ColorOS 12 for 67 different languages used in more than 140 nations and territories across the globe. Color OS 12 now includes new 3D icons. The 3D icons are more realistic, with Frosted glass textures and a natural interaction using simulation of light, giving an airy feel to the UI but making the buttons easy to use.

Two gorgeous colors for the new F21 Pro: Sunset Orange and Cosmic Black. Both colors feature the first industry-wide application for Fiberglass Leather Design, and Cosmic Black, which features the OPPO Glow trademark.

The lychee grain leather is both scratch-proof and waterproof. The final product Fiberglass-Leather is lighter as well as more durable than imitation leather finishes. Furthermore, the texture of the lychee grain is smooth and easy to feel. The Fantastic device is available to pre-orders beginning on 11th April through 15th April 2022 and will be delivered to OPPO in retail outlets that are offline on 16th April 2022, which is which is the First Sale Day.