messaging reaction whatsapp

The messaging reactions feature introduced in the last month WhatsApp is now available to users. It functions in the same way as Facebook’s reaction works – you can press long-press on an WhatsApp message and then choose the emoji that you wish to respond to.

At present, you get to select between six Emojis as shown in the post of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in his Facebook post below. However, WhatsApp promises to bring support for additional emojis as well as skin tones later on.

The messaging reactions feature is available to a few users of the most recent version of WhatsApp However, it could take one or two weeks before it is available to all WhatsApp users around the world. WhatsApp message reactions currently support six emojis

Alongside responding to messages that contain emojis WhatsApp users are also able to transfer larger files as of now, since WhatsApp has increased the size of file transfers from 100MB to 2GB.

Additionally, WhatsApp has doubled the maximum number of users that can participate in a group chat from 256 to 512. The problem is that WhatsApp states that they are “slowly delaying the capability” to join up to 512 users to a group. So you’ll need to wait until you are able to add more than 256 users to the WhatsApp group.

Currently this feature is not in Pakistan