GT Neo2 eyed with doubt

The Realme GT Neo2 did not stand out from its competitors, as evident from the last week’s poll. It’s worth a second take a look. Since the poll was updated, we’ve released our own review on the device. even though we discovered some issues however, the phone offers excellent performance and battery life for the cost.

The choices are different depending on the region you reside in, e.g. The GT Neo Flash never launched in India. However, there was a Realme X7 Max did and it has the same features, but for less. The common stumbling blocks was raised again.

The Realme GT Neo2’s top features in one glance

Although neither the Neo2 or the X7 Max have telephoto cameras The Max comes with an 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. The Neo2 is the more powerful screen and a larger battery, however, for many people the use of the jack is much more than HDR10+ compatibility for the screen.

There was also the issue of the chip – one that was a Snapdragon 870, a popular chip. Its X7 Max uses the Dimensity 1200 (as are other options such as Poco F3 GT). one that has a large number of admirers in the comments section, even though the Snapdragon is still the superior over the other in terms of its popularity.

In fact, the performance that you get out from this Realme GT Neo2 is hard to beat at its cost, and battery life is also a factor. But, games are capped at 60fps , which means you’re not getting a maximum 120Hz performance from the display. Additionally, photography isn’t the primary focus of the phone. Of course, since the GT series is all about gaming and performance, but Realme also has different series that focus on photography.

PS. a few days after the poll started Realme unveiled the GT Neo 2 in Asia. This model is mostly identical to the GT Neo Flash. There’s no word on international expansion for this one yet.