Galaxy A73, A53 and A33

The Galaxy A series welcomes two new phones that bring a new 5 nanometer chipset, a chip that Samsung hasn’t even mentioned, however it could be the brand new Exynos 1280. In terms of both phones they’re almost identical, with the exception of the camera and display.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G

The Samsung Galaxy A73 5G is the biggest of the three models and features the largest display, it’s a 6.7″ Super AMOLED screen that has FHD+ resolution as well as a 120 refresh rate of 120 Hz. It replaces a screen similar in size and an asynchronous refresh of 90Hz, which was last year’s A72.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G unveiled with 108MP camera, A53 5G and A33 5G follow
Samsung Galaxy A73 5G

It was a phone with only 4G We never received an upgrade to 5G. It is evident that the A73 is a next-generation phone. The unnamed chip is coupled with 6/8 GB of RAM , and 128 or 256 GB of storage, and microSD slots that allow up to 1TB of additional.

The phone has an 108-megapixel main camera equipped with an f/1.8 lens that has OIS which replaces the previous 64-megapixel sensor. The telephoto lens isn’t available this time but the phone depends on its high-resolution main sensor to perform the zooming into.

This camera’s main one is connected by a 12MP ultra-wide camera, a 5MP macro camera and a 5MP depth sensor. On the front , there is an 32-megapixel selfie camera that punch holes into the display.

The battery capacity is similar to last year’s, the capacity is 5,000 mAh and charging of 25W. A53 and A33, which are smaller A53 or A33 (even the A23) have the identical battery.

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Samsung Galaxy A73 5G will be available in selected markets beginning on April 22. pricing details are yet to be determined.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G comes with an 6.5″ Super AMOLED screen that has FHD+ resolution as well as a 120 refresh rate at 120 Hz. The 32-megapixel selfie camera has been inserted inside the panel.

When you flip to the opposite side to the other side, the main camera features 64 MP of resolution as well as an f/1.8 lens that has OIS. In addition, there is the 12MP ultra wide module (f/2.2) and 5 MP macro camera, and the 5MP depth sensor. The numbers may not make Galaxy A52 owners happy, but the latest model has a lot of upgrades. Samsung Galaxy A53 5G (in Black) and A33 5G (in White)

The new chipset has the ability to combine up to 12 photos for better Night mode images. It also utilizes two cameras when in Portrait mode to give a better distinction between the subject and background. Additionally, it is equipped with smarts that enable it to automatically select the most suitable frame rate for video recording in light conditions.

The battery’s capacity increased to 5,000 mAh, which is an increase of 500 mAh over the A52 series. The charging rate remains at 25W. If is worth, that’s about similar to that of Galaxy S22 except that it comes with a smaller 3,700mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G (in Black) and A33 5G (in White)
Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

The US it will go on sale on the day before (March 1) for $450 for a SIM-free device. It will also be sold via T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T and other providers from April 1st. Pre-orders are open until today. If you decide to pre-order, you’ll be eligible for the chance to win a package of Galaxy Buds Live.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G is approximately identical to the A33 but it shrinks the display down to 6.4″ and increases the refresh rate is increased to 90 Hz. It’s nevertheless an Super AMOLED panel with FHD+ resolution. This is an enormous advancement over the 5G A32 that had a 60 Hz LCD that was HDplus resolution. It’s better than what the brand new Galaxy A23 and M33 have to offer too.

Moving towards the camera. The main unit is equipped with a 48MP sensor as well as an f/1.8 lens that has OIS. The ultra-wide module comes with an 8 MP sensor. The front-facing camera shrinks to 13 MP (though you should note that it’s in an notch, not punch holes). For the cameras in their backs, while the micro camera keeps the 5MP resolution, the depth sensor drops to 2 megapixels.

The rest is exactly the identical to the A53 5G, or to make it more precise superior to that of the Galaxy A32 5G. It also has the 5,000mAh battery however, with a charging power of just 15W, it took nearly two and a half hour for an entire charge. Samsung claims that its new phones will last two days without needing to be charged.

The A33 5G, as well as A55 5G are available with two memory configurations, 6/128 GB and 8/256GB Both models also come with microSD slots that can hold up to 1TB of additional memory.

The phones are both IP67 certified for water and dust resistance. They also have Gorilla Glass five on their front, which protects their screens.

The Samsung Galaxy A33 5G will become available on April 22 in selected markets.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G (left) and Galaxy A53 5G (right)
Samsung Galaxy A33 5G

The Galaxy A53 5G and A33 5G are coming in next month with Android 12.2 and OneUI 4.1. Samsung promises you that these devices are going to receive 4 Android OS updates and up to five years of security patches.

Infographics: Samsung Galaxy A73, A53 5G & Samsung Galaxy A33 5G

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G and A33 5G unveiled with new chipset, HRR AMOLED displays

Samsung is also planning to introduce a the brand new Onyx color for its Galaxy Buds2 and Buds Live in the coming months to match the look of the latest A-series smartphones.

Samsung’s new Galaxy A series will not include a charging device in the retail packaging the packaging of which Samsung paints to be eco-friendly as it reduces the size of the packaging. The packaging, in particular the packaging is made of sustainable paper. The phones themselves are made of recycled materials from post-consumer recycling to make the buttons on side as well as SIM card tray.