galaxy note 20 feb update

Samsung for some time has been enjoying releasing monthly security patches for certain devices prior to the month has begun. There aren’t always the same models or even collections, and it appears random, but every month, there’s one family or phone that will be able to enjoy the security patches for the coming month… Today.

Although we’re still in January, and February is only a couple of days away The Korean company was not waiting long enough and released an update in February for its Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. As of now, it is only being released in the Netherlands but it’s likely to be rolled out in other European countries soon.

The latest build is known as N98xxXXU3EVA9 in which case “xx” differs according to the specific model of your phone. Unfortunately, there is no changelog to be found at this time.

If you haven’t received an email advising you to update (and have your phone shipped via the Netherlands) then visit Settings and open to the Software Update menu. You can then test and make a manual check.