Telenor Call Packages

Telenor Call Packages Online Verily, cheap phone call packages and deals are available at any other GSM cellular service providers. But the phone packages that come up with incomputable interests are most likely that they would be available at Pakistan’s renowned platform of Telenor. As a matter of principle, Telenor is the master and leader of providing substantial phone call packages and services to masses. Taking from low end to high end whether in terms of duration, volume and costs.

Telenor free first call offer

Telenor artisanal detailed Telenor Call Packages Online free first call offer is a much quicker means of telecommunication utility, very convenient in subscription on an hurried set of circumstances. Telenor free first call offer predominant theme of subscription is to provide their subscribers a chance to secure a high end phone call package of Telenor all at cost effectiveness. Telenor free first call offers excellent applications of vigilant and tactical management fits the finest quality for contemporaneous and modern phone call package description. As laying on the line, Telenor free first call package takes on incalculable and never-ending on-net minutes, all for a week, only at cost of five rupees.

Telenor Daily Call Packages Prepaid

Telenor Good Time OfferRs. 7Unlimited on-net minutes for 2 hours (except 6pm to 9pm) 200 MB + 50 MB Facebook Available on: Full Day (except 6pm to 9pm)2 HoursDial:*345*20#
Telenor Daily OfferRs.1010,000 On-net minutes 20MBs Internet Valid from 6 AM to 6 PM1 DayDial *345*006#
Telenor Full Day offerRs. 18Unlimited On-net calls 60MB for social network, 15MB1 DayDial *5*250#
Telenor Mini Budget PackageRs. 1550 On-net minutes 4MBs, 300 SMS to all networks1 DayDial *240#
Telenor 100 Minute Mini Budget PackageRs. 18100 On-net minutes 300 free SMS to all networks1 DayDial *050#

Telenor djuice daily three ka scene offer

Telenor always revolves around in the middle of society all because of its inimitable manner and their phone call package range containing an assortment of yielding and inexpensive phone call packages. Telenor has been indulged in evolving the pinnacle for abundantly substantial options of phone call packages, which fully fills the inexhaustible requirements of masses. Telenor phone call packages are abundantly proliferous and unique from the others in the market. As a matter of paradigm, Telenor djuice daily three ka scene offer is true deception of corresponding subjects. Where the analogous offer presents two-hundred of SMS, five of mobile internet megabytes and most importantly unlimited on-net minutes. All interests are available at the price of thirteen PKR, for a day.

Telenor djuice 3 day onnet offer

The phone call packages under Telenor are hewn to be adopted by generation to fourth coming ages. In point of fact, Telenor amalgamates Telenor djuice 3 day onnet offer modern sense of ease and indispensable prolific interests to serve the phone call requirements of today’s consumer. In all important respects, Telenor djuice 3 day onnet offer is valid for three days that takes in two-hundred and fifty on-net minutes with five-hundred text messages and for the matter of mobile internet it provides you fifteen megabytes. All at the financially rewarding costs of PKR thirty-six.

Telenor Call Packages – 3 Days

3 Din Sahulat OfferRs. Rs. 5225 Offnet Minutes 250 Minutes SMS:250 50MB Internet along with 100MB for WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook3 DaysDial:*5*3#
3 Day Din Bhar OfferRs. 24.50Make unlimited calls to any Telenor number for 3 Days from 6 AM to 6 PM.3 DaysDial:*345*626#
3 Day Super hitRs. 34.00Make unlimited FREE on-net calls to your friends and family with the Telenor Superhit Offer. Free calls except 7pm-10pm3 DaysDial:*345*299#
All in One OfferRs. 50.00Rs 75 Balance for All Network Calls & SMS 500 MB 4G3 DaysDial *2*20#
3 Day Onnet OfferRs. 30.00250 Telenor Minutes SMS:500 SMS 15 MB (3G)3 DaysDial:*730#
Telenor 3/3 OFFERRs. 50.00600 on-net minutes SMS: 300 50 MB (2G, 3G & 4G)3 DaysDial:*345*243#

Telenor Weekly Call Packages Prepaid

Haftawaar Chappar Phaar OfferRs. 90.001200 + 800 Onnet Mins 70 MB Internet7 DaysOffer can only be activated through the website and My Telenor App.
Haftawar Sahulat OfferRs. 115.00Offnet: 70 Min 1000 Min On-Net SMS: 700 100MB internet along with 350MB Social Pack7 DaysDial:*5*7#
Telenor 2 Paisa Weekly OfferRs. 4.782paisa/sec for all network7 DaysDial:*345*227#
Seven Day Mini Budget OfferRs. 86500 On-net minutes 1000 SMS, 50MBs7 DaysDial *345*247#
Telenor EasyCard Weekly PackageRs 150500 On-net minutes 500 SMS, 50 Off-net minutes, 750MBs internet data7 DaysLoad a card to subscribe the offer

Telenor mahana rakhwala package

Telenor EasyCard350500 Telenor + PTCL mins, 50 Other Network mins, 500 SMS, 500 MB30 DaysLoad an EasyCard to subscribe
Telenor EasyCard PlusRs. 6002000 On-net minutes 150 Off-net minutes, 2000MBs internet data, 2000 SMS30 DaysLoad an EasyCard to subscribe
Telenor Mahana Rakhwala PackageRs. 4183000 On-net minutes 3000 SMS, 300MBs internet data30 DaysDial *345*30#

Telenor, the most renowned GSM cellular service provider, is the best place to purchase any kind of phone call package all according to your quintessential fancies and requirements. Telenor mahana rakhwala package production facilities every other tiniest bit of details and constituents as an executive professional of artistry whose interests are second to none. As a matter of demonstration, Telenor mahana rakhwala package covers every varying requirements of a mobile phone user for a month. In the concrete, Telenor mahana rakhwala package provides three-thousand on-net minutes, three-thousand text messages and three-hundred megabytes for mobile internet. Telenor mahana rakhwala package is valid for the entire month, all at the complementary rate of four-hundred and eighteen PKR.