Iphone 13 Price In Pakistan

An analyst from Barclays reported that Apple may equip the iPhone 13 family with Wi-Fi 6E connectivity. Now the same analyst repeats the claim but with more certainty.

This is good news for Broadcom, which is expected to supply the Wi-Fi modem for the new iPhones, just like it did for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the first phone to feature 6E support.

Wi-Fi 6E uses a newly-allocated frequency band (at 6 GHz), which will be a boon for those living in apartments – a way to escape the crowded 5 GHz band. Also, 6 GHz signals have a hard time going through walls, which will further reduce the interference from neighboring networks. Iphone 13 Price In Pakistan Is Expected to be Rs 239,999 Including PTA Tax.

The new standard promises a higher bandwidth with seven 160MHz channels (or fourteen 80MHz). Latency will be lower too, which will improve wireless screen sharing (and streaming games from a computer or console).

Apple was one of the first to support Wi-Fi 6, starting with the iPhone 11 generation. The 13 series is expected in September.