birthday video tips

Birthdays are unique, and it is our responsibility to make the person feel special. You have to come up with some fantastic ideas to do that. There are several ways to be successful in making something for your loved ones. 

One of the most entertained ways is by making a special video of wishes for them from around the world. We all have a lot of friends, and you just have to ask them to take part in the video. We are here to help you make amazing videos using InVideo.

So, let’s get started –

How to Make a Birthday Video?

To assemble all the clips in a sequence, you need proper editing software. You can always look up to the most impressive websites and blogs to find one for you. Once you have it on your mobile phone, you can start importing clips into it. 

There are a lot of birthday templates you can choose from to make a happy birthday video using InVideo. All you have to do is select the videos and the templates. Align them all in order, and you will get a masterpiece to create a lot of new videos for the birthdays of your loved ones. 

What to Say in a Birthday Video?

When shooting a birthday video, you have to come up with a few things. It is better if you have a properly planned out strategy for the birthday video. Making a video right then for the shoot can get confusing, and everyone in the video can get nervous.

To reduce that, start the whole process a few days back. Never rush and use these tips as mentioned below –

1) Rhythm is good

Whenever you are speaking or singing the birthday song, stay in a rhythm. A single hum can make a video look alive, and the only talk can make it dull and pretty standard. Remember? Something unique, and yes, that is what we are doing here. 

There is no need to worry if you are not good at singing. Trust us; your loved ones will indeed feel special after watching you sing for them. So, go on and sing for a lovely smile from your parents, siblings or friends.

2) Use a Quote

Quotes are evergreen, and according to the person, you can choose the selection from the internet. Use some highly motivated section if they are feeling down. You just have to be around them to know what will help them get through it. 

Or you can always use some sentences from the fun time you once had together. There is still something that can only be communicated between a group of friends. They will find it funny and unique because whatever happens in Rome stays in Rome.

3) Share Memories 

You can add various pictures from your memories of them being a baby. Select photographs from their special days of life, and tell them how much you love them from the day you met them. Tell your story in the video and make them remember all the silly things you did earlier and plan out something you will be doing shortly.

4) Review

Review all that you have done from last birthday till the current day. It will tell a lot about how things changed and how it all feels like something out of the world. It will surely help you see through the lens of time and take a step back to cherish all those memories. Add pictures to the video or add a voiceover while editing the footage in Birthday Video Maker in your phone.

5) Narration

If the birthday is someone who is a successful man or your father, you can create a video telling their own story. It can be more like an autobiography using a video and slideshow of pictures. You can tell the story entirely by asking out their old friends and their parents about what they used to do and all. Narrate it all through their map of life and make them look back to all that they have lived.

What to Show on a Birthday Video?

After planning the upper part, now comes the way you have to show things in the video. So, let’s get right into it –

1) Shooting Location

Make sure the shooting location is soothing and have the right colours for your video. You can choose a quiet spot or somewhere the only noise is nature sounds.

2) Old Pictures

Use old pictures from their gallery, or you can search through the old albums to find something interesting. Make a slideshow video out of it to let the birthday person dive deep into the memories.

3) Interview People on the Party

Whenever you throw a party, ask people if they would love to talk about the birthday person. Ask them and show it after making the video to the person to let them know what people think.

4) A Vlog of Planning Everything

Vlogs are incredible, and if you shoot everything while planning the whole celebration, this will show your real efforts behind it all. It will also make them feel special after all that you have done for your loved ones.

5) Instructional Video to Find the Gift

It is the most exciting part, and you can hide the gift somewhere in the party place and give instructions. Video can work amazingly perfect for giving hints or at the end; you can video call them and guide them the way. 

It will help you add a lot of fun to birthday parties. And, this is one of the unique ideas that you can use in 2020 without a miss. Use it now and see the whole celebration for yourself.