samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

While Samsung was the first company to launch curviline screens a few some time ago,

we are seeing Samsung gradually reducing its phones’ curvature. 

Based on one of most well-known experts on all things Samsung.

the forthcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra will have an incredibly smaller curvature.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Review:

For an estimate of the curvature will be less than Samsung’s Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra and could be comparable to Samsung’s Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus. 

 Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus:

Samsung Note 10 Plus phone

Based on previous reports, the basic S22 along with Plus model will be able to use flat screens.

Plus model will use flat screens.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Galaxy S22’s design,

take a look at this leaked image from yesterday which features both

the Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy S22+ in high-quality photos.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra