Intel Launches Core i9-13900KS - 6.0GHz Max Turbo Frequency Processor

Intel today revealed its latest Core i9-13900KS, the most powerful desktop processor which is a limited edition that comes with the 13900K. The 13900KS is the first desktop processor that can reach 6.0GHz maximum turbo frequency right straight out of the box.

The primary distinction between the 13900K and that of the 13900KS is the 200MHz increase on the turbo clock’s maximum speed from 5.8GHz up to 6.0GHz. This is achieved by using an encapsulated silicon that ensures only the finest components go into the making of the 13900KS. The 13900KS comes with a greater capacity of base 150W as compared to the 13900K’s limit of 125W. although the maximum turbo limit is identical at 253W, the 13900KS is able to support an Extreme Power Delivery Profile that raises the power limit to 320W, which helps attain those higher speeds.

Although Intel’s claims are true, there are a few conditions to meet to reach that speed. Although Intel states that the limit is achievable with normal consumer motherboards that use the standard AIO liquid coolers, and that the 6.0GHz number is achievable without overclocking, the test video demonstrated that the 13900KS was only hitting that figure on a few P-cores that ran for short periods during the 7-Zip test.

This means that not that you are not hitting the 6.0GHz over all the P-cores, but the frequency that you are able to hit the figure for two cores can vary based according to a variety of aspects.

In addition the 13900KS is like the 13900K with respect to the other specifications, which includes the E-core clocks as well as counting the number of caches. But, because it’s bound silicon, the 13900KS will perform better under the most exotic cooling to allow for extreme overclocking. However, if this is not the case it’s better off using rather the 13900K.

The 13900KS is on sale today at $699.