super league history

European Super League Boycotted by Big Clubs

The football world was in shock as some top football clubs completed plans for the European Soccer Superleague to run its entire course. Indeed, this breakout was inevitable due to the lack of adequate funding for most clubs in the champions league. However, plan to begin were put before the public in April 2021.

Let’s go back a bit. The Super League comprises twelve teams; six in England, three in Italy, and three in Spain. Three teams were getting ready to join when the announcement was made. The committee made Florentino Perez, Real Madrid’s president, chair its affairs as it took its course. He believed that the Champions League was problematic and did not allow clubs to develop infrastructure and grow their businesses.

What is the Super League?

The super league is a proposed club competition also referred to as the European Super League. This club competition was offered to be contested by twenty football clubs in Europe. Fifteen of these clubs were founding founders; they were permanent participants and part of the governing partners.

The remaining five teams would gain a slot each based on how they perform in their domestic league. Technically, teams with the most points would be given a place from the five available.

The European Super League was designed to rival the UEFA Champions League. On a long-term basis, it was meant to replace the Champions League, a world-class club competition.

Brief History surrounding the Super League

Some European football teams first attempted the breakout from the UEFA Champions League in 1998. However, it was very likely to pull through due to unavoidable circumstances that were prevalent. An Italian corporation conceived the idea. One significant reason the plan never left the planning theatre was UEFA’s decision to expand the Champions League.

Perez began another discussion about the Super League in 2018. He had conversations with European clubs about the breakaway agenda. Discussions were about how it would be beneficial to everyone and also had a solid financial potential. They were interested but had to give it some time to see if UEFA would reconsider its policies.

In 2021, the attempt was made again and has also faced some series of setback. The need for the new league become a pressing issue in 2020 because clubs were bearing a substantial financial loss due to the pandemic. Real Madrid had a tough financial year with ongoing debts. Plans for the competition was underway in the spirit of commencing immediately as American investment banking mogul JPMorgan Chase came on board. He allegedly pledged a sum of $5 billion for its kickoff.

On the announcement, after a meeting conducted by UEFA executives, Perez made a press release announcing the Super League. He made the news official stating that twelve clubs have already signed up. This was on the 18th of April, and the tournament caused different views from managers, players, fans, politicians, club bodies like UEFA, FIFA and others after he broke the news to the world. Most criticisms bordered on lack of competitiveness and elitism.

During the heat of these motions, the six English clubs began to withdraw. The withdrawal began with Manchester City pulling their supports when Chelsea signaled it would not participate in the competition. Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham, and Liverpool also bailed out on the competition.

Other clubs noticed the trend of what the English clubs were doing, so they initiated their withdrawals plan. Inter Milan was out, and every other club followed. With the ongoing event, the Super League official had to release a statement saying the project is now on hold for the moment. This was to save the embarrassment it was getting as clubs pull out their support. The official statement shifted focus and pinned its reason for suspending the project on “outside pressure.”

Current situation of the Super League

When the six English teams notified the public of their intention to pull out and eventually pull out, the committee decided. The idea of the Super League is not dead yet. It is just in a state of hibernation as the committee agreed that it would suspend its operations. They intend to reconsider how to make this idea viable and also rethink their approach correctly.  

Founding clubs

  • Arsenal
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester City
  • Chelsea
  • Manchester United
  • Tottenham Hotspur
  • Milan
  • Juventus
  • Inter Milan
  • Real Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Atletico Madrid

The expectation of the Super League

Bettors would have a new league to show their prediction skills. Bookmakers would have to make provision for a new league. Check out the best betting websites here. Technically, most bettors would love to bet on it. Also, the bookmaker could throw substantial bonus offers and enhanced odds to pull in new gamblers to their site. 

Ideally, the Super League was meant to provide better quality matches and more financial resources for every club involved. Operators and bettors would also be part of the success of the competition. MightyTips offers bettors an opportunity to review the best football betting sites worldwide. On the company’s website you can also use betway mobile app.

The Aftermath Of The Fallout

In the early hours of the following day, Ed Woodward, Manchester United’s executive vice president, announced his departure from the club. Woodward was a major force behind the Superleague design. Although he did not cite any reference to the Super League in his statement, speculations were pointing in that direction.

Ideally, the pulling out of major Premier League giants was responsible for the Superleague having a death blow. Most clubs had no reason to hold on to the initial agreement when these giants pulled out. Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Juventus all had to do the same.

Initially, Perez announced that each of the teams involved had signed an agreement which was biding. However, it did not take up to 24 hours before the English clubs pulled out. President of the European soccer governing body, Aleksander Ceferin, was happy that everything has returned to normal.